Newsletter 950

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

Curriculum Vitae

Anonymous | Epicurean Dealmaker | 10 March 2013

How a tadpole becomes a frog. Or, how a college graduate turns into an investment banker. "The higher you get in my business, the more it becomes pure sales. Vice President is when a banker really begins to see the truth of this remark for herself, and it is when she (and her bank) must make the determination whether she has the goods to continue"

Danse Macabre: Scandal At The Bolshoi Ballet

David Remnick | New Yorker | 11 March 2013

For better and worse, the Bolshoi is a microcosm of Russia: at its best, brilliant and extravagant; at its worst, vicious and turbulent. Even so, it was a shock to the dance world when the artistic director was almost blinded in an acid attack; and no less of a shock to find that one of the Bolshoi's principal dancers had paid for the hit

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Tom Slee | Whimsley | 10 March 2013

Discussion of Evgeny Morozov's writings: "A valuable and intellectually adventurous assault on what is becoming an increasingly obvious problem: the appropriation of democratic and bottom-up visions by those who seek to impose their own top-down networks on the rest of us, and who reduce us to simplistic nodes in the process"

To The Manor Born

Terry Eagleton | Dublin Review Of Books | 11 March 2013

Review of Selina Guinness's Crocodile By The Door, about the Anglo-Irish upper classes and their country estates. "Houses for the middle classes are just places to live in, but for the gentry they are evolving organisms. Individuals come and go, but the grange or manor house lives on, more like a transnational corporation than a bungalow"

Sheryl Sandberg And The Folly Of Davos-style Feminism

Judith Shulevitz | New Republic | 10 March 2013

"Women’s opportunities have multiplied exponentially since 1982. Women now outnumber men at universities and in the middle management of many companies. But the conversation about feminism seems stuck more or less where it was 30 years ago. We’re still talking about mentors, glass ceilings, and the impossibility or desirability of having it all"

A Fusion Of Piano And Cerebellum

Normal Lebrecht | Standpoint | 4 March 2013

Note in memory of Charles Rosen. "Charles was the epitome of the philosopher-pianist, a hybrid species that risks extinction with his passing and which deserves more concentrated attention than he himself accorded it, and in much shorter sentences. So there." But there are still some like him: Daniel Barenboim; Steven Hough; Jeremy Denk

Video of the day: Jazz That Nobody Asked For

Thought for the day:

"Privacy is mostly an illusion, but you’ll have as much of it as you want to pay for" — Kavin Kelly

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