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How to play ?

  • Construct as many words as possible by putting together tiles from the grid E.g. GA + ME = GAME. You can tap the tiles or type directly into the text box
  • If the last letter of one tile is the first letter of another tile, you can overlap them. E.g. FU + UN = FUN. On mobile, tap one tile and then long-press a relevant second tile to create an overlap
  • Answers can be composed of two or more tiles and any number of overlaps. E.g. BR + RO + WS + ER = BROWSER
  • Answers composed of two tiles are worth 1 point; answers composed of additional tiles gain extra points
  • For bonus points, you can construct a phrase using some of the answers. Tap the answers in the Found Words section to construct the phrase
  • Have a question ? Join our discord
Tap found words to create bonus phrase

Congratulations! +7 points, The phrase of the day was:

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