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Paul Is Dead | A Beatle Conspiracy

Quinton Reviews | YouTube | 31st August 2019

The conspiracy: Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike. The evidence: insane but delightful in its absurdity. For instance, when the bottom half of the Sgt. Pepper album cover is mirrored, a hidden message appears ("one-one-nine, he die") with an arrow pointing up to Paul. What is one-one-nine? The supposed date of his death (30m 21s)

Vertigo & The Spiral — Hitchcock's Perfect Symbol For Obsession

StudioBinder | YouTube | 23rd August 2021

Spirals show up everywhere in Vertigo—in the music, in the set design, in the hairstyles, and in the very construction of the plot itself (the film follows a man's metaphorical spiral into insanity.) During the famous kiss, the camera literally spirals around the two lovers. "Almost every movie can be summarized in a sentence, but few can be encapsulated in a symbol" (14m 29s)

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How Caffeine Addiction Changed History

Wired | YouTube | 20th August 2021

Coffee addiction fueled the Enlightenment. Voltaire drank 72 cups a day, Diderot wrote an encyclopedia on caffeine, and coffee houses across Europe acted as petri dishes for intellectual exploration. As a life-enhancing drug, it's far superior to alcohol. "Caffeine allows you also to break your ties to the rhythms of the sun," by "borrowing energy from your future and giving it to you in the present" (5m 53s)

A Girl Who's Afraid Of Touching People

Liang-Hsin Huang | Vimeo | 17th June 2019

Hand-painted short film: a boy falls in love with an invisible girl (an impressionistic collage of shadows and footsteps in snow alerts us to her existence). His unrequited love leads him to drastic, violent measures, but the beauty of the film is the oblique way all of this is conveyed. Stylistically, feels like a Matisse come to life (4m 51s)

Browser Video Of The Week: Sylvia Bishop

Baiqu talks to Sylvia Bishop, children's book writer and Assistant Publisher of The Browser (17m 04s)

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What if every sport was played with a bowling ball?

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