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Radio Browser is the podcast accompanying the world's most admired daily newsletter. Every day, The Browser recommends five outstanding pieces of writing to surprise and delight, hand picked by our editors Robert Cottrell and Caroline Crampton.

Radio Browser expands upon those pieces, interviewing our favourite writers and thinkers. Radio Browser is produced by Nontsi Mapoma.


Relevance In Art with Garth Greenwell

23rd March 2021

Inspired by his piece “Making Meaning”, Garth Greenwell joins Lindelani and Nontsi to discuss the meaning of the word and the idea of relevance when we talk about art, and how it poses a danger to how we encounter art.

Reading material mentioned in the conversation:

Cleanness by Garth Greenwell

What Belongs To You: A Novel by Garth Greenwell

Browser Conversations: Katy Gero and Jaan Altosaar

16th March 2021

Today, our host is Robert Cottrell, editor of the Browser. He is joined by Katy Gero and Jaan Altosaar, two guests with fascinating perspectives on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Katy is a computer scientist who uses AI in her work as a poet and an essayist, while Jaan is a postdoctoral researcher working on machine learning in health at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center.

Biological Warfar with LSUSR

9th March 2021

Inspired by his piece “The Future of Biological Warfare”, LSUSR joins Lindelani and Nontsi to chat about the future of biological warfare.

Browser Conversations: Cal Flyn

5th March 2021

Caroline Crampton, the deputy editor of the Browser, talks to literary non-fiction writer Cal Flyn, author of Islands of Abandonment, about abandoned places.

The Hatboro Blues with Shawn McCreesh

2nd March 2021

Inspired by his piece “The Hatboro Blues”, Shawn McCreesh joins Lindelani and Nontsi to share his experience on growing up in an American town during the opioid epidemic.

"The Hatboro Blues" was originally published in the Autumn issue of Liberties Journal. The piece is not currently online but if you are interested in reading it, please email

Grinding Teeth with Madeleine Watts

23rd February 2021

Inspired by her essay “The Year of Grinding Teeth”, Madeleine Watts joins Lindelani and Nontsi to discuss her experience with bruxism and the shared anxiety that came with 2020.

The Moral Philosphy Of Giving with Peter Singer

16th February 2021

Hosts Lindelani and Nontsi discuss the moral ethics of giving with the philosopher Peter Singer focusing on the implications of the ethical code on people living in lower income countries.

Read more: The Life You Can Save

On Running And Escapism with Larissa Pham

9th February 2021

Inspired by her essay “On Running”, Larissa Pham joins Lindelani and Nontsi to discuss the psychological effects, and meditative properties of running.

Reading more: Pop Song by Larissa Pham

Joys And Sorrows with Robert Cottrell

2nd February 2021

Inspired by Emily Franklin’s thought-provoking piece “The Requirement of Adequacy”; Lindelani, Nontsi and Robert discuss restrictions to personal freedom, the bitter-sweet reality of parenting and coping with the dangers of life.

Malls In The Phillippines with Diana Martinez

27th January 2021

The view that malls are simply structures of commerce is challenged in this conversation between Nontsi, Lindelani and Diana Martinez. The article that inspired this conversation posits that malls in the Philippines are infrastructural, and also explores the emotional and psychological experience of going to a mall in the Philippines.

The article that inspired this episode is titled An Archipelago of Interiors: The Philippine Supermall as Infrastructure of Diaspora and is written by Diana Martinez.

Understanding Artemisia Gentileschi with Helen Lewis

19th January 2021

Nontsi and Lindelani chat with Helen Lewis about "how the feminist passion for Artemisia Gentileschi’s life story risks overwhelming her artistic talent." Inspired by Helen's piece titled “Isn’t She Good—For a Woman?

Reading material mentioned in the conversation:

Difficult Women: A History of Feminism in 11 Fights by Helen Lewis

The Obstacle Race: The Fortunes of Women Painters and Their Work by Germaine Greer

Understanding Disability with Joanne Limburg

12th January 2021

Nontsi and Lindelani chat with Joanne Limburg about her personal journey with disability and the impact it has had on her family, social and professional life. Inspired by Joanne’s piece titled “Am I disabled?

Reading material mentioned in the conversation:

Disability Visibility by Alice Wong

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddon

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