Portmanteau, Past, Beer, Toothpick, Shade

A Portmanteau Of Every English Word

Suckerpinch | YouTube | 1st April 2015

Not a portmanteau (two words), not a portmantrois (three words), but a portmantout; every word combined. Quite a challenge! There are about 100,000 English words, and "almost every word begins and ends with a letter, so on average there's gonna be about 4,000 lines into and out of every word"—and that's not even counting prefixes and suffixes (8m 55s, recommended start here)

How We View The Past

Simon Roper | YouTube | 29th April 2021

On our distorted perceptions of the past. "If I think about the difference between 1971 and 1954, I imagine a huge difference in what people wore, what films were like, how people spoke and what people thought about politics. But if I think about 2021 and 2004, which is the same timespan, everything seems like it was pretty much the same." Consistently thought-provoking (29m 02s)

How Hip Hop Went Corporate (With Beer)

Converse With Me | YouTube | 30th April 2021

Brand sponsorships transformed hip hop, but one in particular—the malt liquor brand St. Ives—marked a cultural turning point. It was the last vestige of the aesthetic of "realness," after which rappers moved "from cognac to Cristal," swapping harsh tales about their upbringings for boasts about their present-day opulence (5m 39s)


The Dress Up Gang | Vimeo | 14th May 2020

Very funny short about the travails of a young man addicted to toothpicks. His family stages an intervention; the counselor explains, "It just seems that your relationship to toothpicks is affecting your relationship to those closest to you." His friend adds, "I know we used to use toothpicks together, but we were young and stupid. I stopped...but you couldn't" (5m 19s)

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