Puzzle, Iran, Fern, Letters, Fantasy

Benedetti's Puzzle (Mathematically Impossible Music)

Adam Neely | YouTube | 13th April 2020

Benedetti's Puzzle: a bar of music that, when played in tune and repeated, slowly rises in pitch – "kind of like a musician's version of Gödel's incompleteness theorem." The puzzle demonstrates that using Western five-limit tuning, the ratios between notes are always slightly unequal, meaning that Western music can never be perfectly in tune. A "cosmic joke" (10m24s)

Vice Guide To Iran

Vice | YouTube | 15th April 2020

In a documentary shot days before Iran was thrown into its current state of turmoil, Suroosh Alvi travels the country to meet revolutionaries, workers, hipsters, war criminals, and a heavy metal band. A festive county fair involves shooting Angry Birds at a giant Star of David and burning the American flag. Shows how serious the effects of recent US sanctions have been (51m20s)

There's Something In The Water

Rory WT | Vimeo | 15th December 2018

"There are two kinds of lakes in the south: them that's got Giant Salvinia, and them that's about to have Giant Salvinia." Caddo Lake, the only natural lake in Texas, is slowly being suffocated by an invasive fern. A charming animated mini-doc featuring thoughtful and quietly moving interviews with locals who are watching as the lake – and in some cases their livelihood – dies (8m1s)

Why Kids Write Letters Backwards

Vox | YouTube | 16th April 2020

The answer is surprisingly intriguing; in nature, the difference between left and right is not very important, so the human brain doesn't instinctually distinguish between the two ("mirror generalization"). All humans, not just kids, have some form of mirror generalization. For example, can you remember whether the torch is in the right or left hand of the Statue of Liberty? (4m29s)

Unsettling Video Of The Week

A surreal journey through a house of frozen memories.

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