QAnon, Bird, C, Korea, Blood


Awesome and Modest | YouTube | 24th May 2021

To put his mom's QAnon-influenced worldview to the test, a man makes several $100 bets with her (e.g. whether Biden will still be in office by April 1st). Nothing too revelatory, just a brief portrait of a now-common American phenomenon: the internet as a conduit for rabbit holes and conspiracies. One is surprised by how "normal" she seems in other respects (7m 57s)

The Bird Tier List

TierZoo | YouTube | 3rd June 2021

In the video game of life, which birds are OP? The "burst damage potential of the falcon build cannot be ignored," but "songbirds have extremely low startup on their flight move, allowing them to reposition themselves easily and quickly," which makes them excel at "chipping away at defensive players and stealing loot from lower builds." Funny and informative throughout (23m 42s)


Jan Misali | YouTube | 31st May 2021

C is a very ambiguous letter; wouldn't it be simpler to replace it with K and S? No—in fact, this would make English more ambiguous, because S itself is deceptively ambiguous ("when S occurs between vowels, it’s actually very hard to predict if it’s pronounced as /s/ or /z/"). Includes a history of C, traced all the way back to ancient Phoenician (29m 35s)

South Korea Used To Make Awful Movies

Accented Cinema | YouTube | 27th May 2021

History of South Korean trash cinema. After the fall of the authoritarian government in the 80s, the Korean film industry rushed to imitate Hollywood, with bizarre "I-can't-believe-it's-not-Hollywood" Godzilla spoofs and a Wonder Woman knock-off called Run, Wonder Princess! Entertaining snapshot of a culture in flux (13m 55s)

Meditative Video Of The Week

Short from 1975—imagining New York City as a living organism

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