A New Theory Of Life

Evolutionary Psychopathology

Scott Alexander | Slate Star Codex | 3rd December 2018

“Evolutionary psychology is famous for having lots of stories that make sense but are hard to test. Psychiatry is famous for having mountains of experimental data but no idea what’s going on. Maybe if you added them together, they might make one healthy scientific field? Enter Evolutionary Psychopathology: A Unified Approach, by psychology professor Marco del Giudice. It starts by presenting the theory of ‘life history strategies’. Then it uses the theory to shed new light on psychiatric conditions. Read this book at your own risk; its ideas will start creeping into everything you think” (5,302 words)

Miracle At Tham Luang

Sean Flynn | GQ | 3rd December 2018

Well-crafted account of the Thai cave rescue which held the world’s attention earlier this year. A teenage football team and their coach are trapped by flash floods while exploring deep inside a cave system. They survive mainly by keeping calm and conserving energy until divers can organise their rescue 18 days later. “Coach Ek had been a practising monk for ten years, during which, like most monks, he’d learned how to meditate. He taught the boys to breathe slowly and purposefully, to clear their minds, to remove themselves mentally and emotionally from a muddy slope” (5,200 words)

Matters Of Life And Death

Rowan Williams and John Gray | New Statesman | 28th November 2018

A cleric and a philosopher discuss amicably the decline of Christianity, the origins of virtue, liberalism, eugenics, and the quest for eternal life. “Most people who support eugenic engineering have a very simple view about who the good people are: people like themselves, but more so. If only the world was filled with people all like me, but even more like me than I am! No Gypsies, no poets, no one disabled. Everyone would be somewhat thinner, I suppose. We’d all live a bit longer, we’d all be more virtuous. My god! It’s not the kind of world that I would want to live in” (4,500 words)

Two Faces Of Lummie Jenkins

Alexandra Marvar | Topic | November 10th 2018

Older white residents of Wilcox County, Alabama, remember Lummie Jenkins as a gentle giant of a man, universally admired, who served eight consecutive terms as county sheriff from 1939 until 1971. Older black residents remember his reign somewhat differently. “Even if they could overcome the fear of death and register to vote, black residents of Wilcox confronted the near-certainty that their job and their homes were at risk if they did so  As of January 1965, registration of eligible African American voters in Wilcox was 0 percent, while white registration was at 113 percent” (5,200 words)

The Steward Of Middle Earth

Hannah Long | Weekly Standard | 24th November 2018

In praise of Christopher Tolkien, son of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the 40 years he spent organising and editing his father’s notes, drafts and manuscripts into publishable books, beginning with The Silmarillion in 1977. The Fall Of Gondolin,  published this year, is the 25th posthumous book to emerge from the Tolkien archive — and the last. “At the age of 94, Christopher Tolkien has laid down his editor’s pen, having completed a great labor of quiet, scholastic commitment to his father’s vision. Without Christopher, we could never have beheld the sheer scope and wonder of his father’s achievement” (3,100 words)

Video: A Lion Attacked By Hyenas. Awe-inspiring, tension-packed wildlife documentary clip from the BBC. David Attenborough narrates (3m 33s)

Audio: La Traviata | Aria Code. New podcast from Metropolitan Opera, analysing great arias. In this episode, Rhiannon Giddens and guests discuss ‘Pretty Woman’ from La Traviata (33m 10s)

“I don’t believe anything, but I have many suspicions”
― Robert Anton Wilson

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