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Who (Ethically) Owns Recipes?

Adam Ragusea | YouTube | 28th February 2022

Legally, recipes are effectively public domain—you can't copyright them. But ethically, could they be viewed in the same way we view a work of art? The problem is that tracing the originator of a recipe isn't as easy as tracing the originator of a painting. This is "the epistemological problem—I don't know who invented Blueberry Yum Yum" (15m 23s)


Animal Tank | YouTube | 1st March 2022

Juxtaposing animation with live-action has been tried many times, but rarely for any reason other than novelty. This short utilizes the combination brilliantly. A middle-aged couple named Linda and Troyer (animated) find themselves stranded in the wilderness (live-action) while on an African safari; the result is a unique portrayal of what it is to be lost. (Warning: violence and nudity) (19m 19s)

The Insane Engineering Of The Parker Solar Probe

Real Engineering | YouTube | 19th February 2022

"For the first time in human history, a spacecraft has flown through the atmosphere of the sun"—specifically, a 2018 solar probe. Carbon foam is one of the secrets; its internal volume is 97% empty space, which allows for "fantastic insulation properties, while also benefiting from carbon's thermal stability" (19m 53s)

The Green Ray

Scott Barley | Vimeo | 7th January 2017

A "nature doc" that puts Planet Earth to shame. Without narration or editing—and in real time—the film depicts a sunset followed by a lightning storm somewhere in the Scottish hills. Viewed in a dark room with the volume all the way up, the experience verges on the transcendent, partially because the filmmaker refuses to impose human narrative structures onto the natural world (12m 20s)

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Matisse gone wild  

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