Robert Hughes, Ad Blockers, Fungi

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Truffles, Caviar, And Cristal

Robert Hughes | Vanity Fair | 5th November 2015

Extract from the memoirs of the late Robert Hughes, on the joys of writing in the golden age of magazine publishing. "Being the art critic of Time in the 1970s was like enjoying a perpetual research grant from the most benign of foundations. I could go more or less anywhere I wanted, look at anything I wished to, and be paid generously for doing it. My brief, liberally interpreted, was to cover the world" (3,200 words)

Ad Blockers And Bargaining Power

Doc Searls | Harvard Business Review | 5th November 2015

The spread of ad-blocking technologies will bring about the collapse of advertising platforms based on targeting and tracking. Readers are taking charge of their relations with publishers. The front line of marketing will shift from sales to service — from acquisition to retention. "And if you’re worried about publishers and advertisers surviving, remember that publishers got along fine before there was adtech" (1,640 words)

English Names For Fungi

British Mycological Society | 1st June 2014

Pure poetry. Schizonella cocconii: Glaucus Sedge Smut. Bjerkandera adusta: Smoky Bracket. Bjerkandera fumosa: Big Smoky Bracket. Boletus bubalinus: Ascot Hat. Scleroderma areolatum: Leopard Earthball. Sarcoleotia turficola: Bog Jellydisc. Camarophyllopsis foetens: Stinking Fanvault. Hygrophorus speciosus: Splendid Woodwax. Squamanita odorata: Fragrant Strangler. Tricholoma caligatum: True Booted Knight (6,900 words)

Video of the day: Bouillabaisse

What to expect: Animation. Fish soup made by the world's smallest chefs

Thought for the day

Democracy is the process by which people choose who to blame
Bertrand Russell (

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