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I Tried Erik Satie's Bizarre Daily Routine

Nahre Sol | YouTube | 14th August 2021

French composer Erik Satie was a strange fellow. Consequently, his daily routine is a plethora of oddities. Lunch is taken from 12:11 to 12:14 (and he only eats white foods, like eggs, turnips, rice, bone scrapings, and veal), horseback riding from 1:19 to 2:35, symphonic readings from 8:09 to 9:59. The routine eschews productivity and emphasizes reflection (10m 29s)

Does Anyone Know How To Throw A Football?

Secret Base | YouTube | 17th August 2021

The wretched history of the Atlanta Falcons. Their logo ("the beady-eyed face, the dopey, somewhat mortified facial expression," which "looks like it walked into the wrong restroom") perfectly suits one of the worst teams in the NFL, historically led by a string of truly abysmal quarterbacks. Interesting both for football fans and history fans (45m 44s)

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Silicon Valley Video Essays: John Coogan posts weekly videos breaking down high growth technology startups & successful founders. He recently covered how Airbnb successfully entered the Chinese market while so many other tech companies have failed. Check out his channel here!

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The Fonts Of Wes Anderson

Linus Boman | YouTube | 17th August 2021

Wes Anderson's fonts are almost as famous as his movies. In The Royal Tenenbaums, "the percentage of runtime which features Futura in some form or another is about a quarter, which means it actually has more screen-time than any of the lead actors." Anderson's retro-modernist Futura recalls "Stanley Kubrick's Futura, NASA's Futura, the Futura of museum clarks and library cards" (13m 46s)

How Google Stole This American Model's Face

Nowness | YouTube | 18th August 2021

A model thought this photo of her face would be used for one obscure article. Then she noticed it in an unrelated article about face oil. Soon, the image became the top result for the term "face," showing up in thousands of articles across the web. She watched as her identity became abstracted. "The internet already owns my face; I don't really own it anymore" (4m 02s)

Browser Interview Of The Week: Jordan Schneider

Jordan Schneider talks to Baiqu Gonkar about the joys of painting Chinese landscapes whilst listening to Anna Karenina, learning to dribble like Devin Booker, and staging Hamilton in Beijing (20m 57s, or transcript here)

Smooth Video Of The Week

The great Isley Brothers perform a handful of their much-sampled love songs for NPR's Tiny Desk

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