Skeleton Record

On Skeleton Beach

Hannah Close | Dark Mountain | 29th February 2024

Rockpooling on the extreme edge of the British Isles. The Hebridean islet of Eilean Dioghlum is only accessible by a four-island journey, from mainland Scotland to Mull to Ulva to Gometra and then a walk across a tidal causeway. There, treasures await: a beach made of “maerl” or coralline algae plays host to oystercatchers while “oarweed, pepper dulse, and wrack sway in the shallows” (1,900 words)

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Hating The Electronic Medical Record

Dharushana Muthulingam | Logic | 13th December 2023

The use of electronic health records has made medicine worse. The IT systems are badly designed. They increase, rather than reduce, bureaucracy, Making them better is a Sisyphean task. “This is no Hippocratic corpus. We have travelled far from the attentive observations meant to bear witness and teach future healers. For most of our workday, we treat neither patient nor disease” (5,000 words)

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