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Six To Six

Neta Cohen | Vimeo | 3rd June 2021

Breathtaking animated short—tending to her newborn child, a mother begins to experience the long, sleepless night as a never-ending phantasmagoria. Nocturnal refrains (the microwave beeping, water dripping, insects crawling the floor) repeat over and over again, becoming increasingly distorted. The parental horror of Eraserhead paired with the visual poetry of Woman in the Dunes (7m 01s)

Middle Class Millennial Nostalgia Art

J. J. McCullough | YouTube | 29th May 2021

A recent wave of retro art sweeping the internet reflects millennials' nostalgia for the middle-class consumerism of the 80s and 90s. This art "seeks to capture the idea that consumptive acts like playing a video game or watching a movie also create genuine human moments, and invites us to acknowledge these moments as ones deserving of sentimentality" (16m 40s)

The Politics Of Pointillism

The Canvas | YouTube | 8th June 2021

Paul Signac changed the title of the painting below from "In the Time of Anarchy" to "In the Time of Harmony" so that he wouldn't be thrown in jail for espousing anarchism. So how do pointillism and anarchism go hand in hand? "The collective—the canvas—can only thrive through every single dot and their individual colors, and the dot can only be more than just a dot through the collective" (13m 18s)

How To Read A Book

Max Nichols | YouTube | 29th May 2021

Satirical guide to reading in the 21st century ("an archaic but unique form of content consumption"). "Pulling the cover of the book open will usually reveal...nothing. Some publishing information or marketing. To begin reading, find your way to a page marked one." Funny throughout, and very sharply edited (5m 09s)

Touching Video Of The Week

Short film—a lonely man tries (and fails) to phone his friends

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