Space, Cut, Tango, Pablo, Pile

The Sounds Of Space

Melodysheep | YouTube | 16th June 2021

If human ears could pick it up, what would the planets in our solar system sound like? On Saturn's moon Titan, the flow of methane would sound like a waterfall (a "methane-fall"). Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are might of light gases, so the human voice would sound high-pitched, while the dense atmosphere of the Venutian winds would make it deeper. Visually and aurally stunning (20m 22s)

Cut-Outs, Or Matisse's Second Life

The Canvas | YouTube | 22nd June 2021

After miraculously surviving cancer, Matisse sought to reinvent his style. His new technique of "drawing with scissors" yielded strange, beautiful images such as "The Nightmare of the White Elephant" (pictured below), which deconstructs the cheerful image of an elephant dancing on a beach ball by surrounding it with ominous black shapes and stabbing it with red spears (8m 50s)

Argentine Tango, As Digested By A Classical Musician

Nahre Sol | YouTube | 10th June 2021

A classical pianist explores tango, a folk genre that occupies the liminal space between jazz and classical (one trait it shares with classical is a relative lack of improvisation). Though it's officially dance music, famous artists like Astor Piazzola added complex modernist experimentation into the mix. Includes a tango version of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations (16m 45s)

The Art Of Movie Title Design

Little White Lies | YouTube | 21st June 2021

Saul Bass is the king of movie title design, but there is another giant of the field—Pablo Ferro, designer of the iconic Dr. Strangelove title sequence (which Ferro describes as "planes fornicating in midair). The style is anarchic—"there's no rule, no principle that governs the font size or placement, with prepositions sometimes five times larger than the crew's names"(9m 07s)

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