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Ten Things About Ghosts

Kassandra Spooner-Lockyer and Katie Kilroy-Marac | Anthropology News | 18th October 2021 | U

Provocative propositions about ghosts. Interesting throughout. Haunting is universal and ghosts are everywhere "whether we attend to them or not", but they are also singular and specific to the memories of those who feel haunted. "Ghosts dwell at the heart of modern nation-states, late capitalism, and technoscientific materiality. There are ghosts in all of these machines, so to speak" (1,412 words)

A Composition That Can Never Be Repeated

Raphael Rubinstein | 3:am | 17th October 2021 | U

On two classics of 20C francophone writing: Edmond Jabès’s Le Livre des Questions and La Question by Henri Alleg. Both lives were fragmented by colonial conflict; Alleg's book documents his imprisonment and torture during the Algerian War. Sartre's introduction highlighted the futility of such tactics. "Everybody, everywhere, is hiding something. They must be made to talk" (2,341 words)

The Vegan Food Wars Of DC

Nancy Scola | Washingtonian | 7th October 2021 | U

In the world of plant-based cuisine, "the Holy Grail is fare that’s good enough to fool carnivores. Savoury fake bacon. Tender wannabe beef." Although meat-free eateries are newly trendy, Washington DC has a tradition of such places that predates the current fashion, and the competition is fierce. But not all diners agree that "vegan" food should be made to imitate meat for meat eaters (4,496 words)

A River Reawakened

Jessica Plumb | Orion | 17th September 2021 | U

Essay about the decade-long process to "rewild" a river. Beautifully written. "Trees were the only spectators old enough to remember when the Elwha River ran free, a century earlier. The rest of us stood in awe, watching the world’s largest dam removal to date, feeling time start to spin in reverse." First the river carved new paths to the sea, and then the salmon came leaping inland (1,951 words)

Futurists Have Their Heads In The Clouds

Erik Hoel | Substack | 25th August 2021 | U

Futurists "trend toward being sci-fi writers without the plot" and as a result tend to make bad predictions, this writer argues. "If you want to predict the future accurately, you should be an incrementalist and accept that human nature doesn’t change along most axes. Meaning that the future will look a lot like the past." There will, however, be a Martian colony by 2050, he says (4,238 words)

Podcast: The Corrections | Mr Difficult. Conversational series discusses the novels of Jonathan Franzen, one per episode. The guest for this episode expounds her theory of "literary Jonathans" (48m 03s)

Video: What Islam Has To Say About Gardening | The School Of Life | YouTube| 4m 22s.

Illustrated primer to Islam's attitude to horticulture, which the faith's teaching recommends practising as a way of approximating paradise on Earth.

"Believe nothing until it has been officially denied"
Claud Cockburn

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