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Indiana Jones And The Lost Transcript

Now You See It | YouTube | 21st May 2021

Fascinating oral history of Indiana Jones (originally named Indiana Smith!), taken from a recorded conversation between Lucas and Spielberg when they were brainstorming the movie. Spielberg: "This is the first scene of the movie. This scene should get at least four major screams. The audience won't trust anyone after that—they won't trust the film" (27m 34s)

Why Europe's Border Approach Is Changing

Neo | YouTube | 26th May 2021

On Frontex, the EU border patrol agency, and their arguably suspect methods. "Under the UN convention on the Law of the Sea, all ships are obligated to offer assistance to a vessel in distress. However, drones are not affected by this rule, and therefore the use of air surveillance allows Frontex to monitor the Mediterranean without getting involved in rescue missions" (13m 49s)

Roland Barthes' Problem With Photography

Jamie Windsor | YouTube | 27th May 2021

According to Barthes, the studium is the broad cultural/political context of a photograph, but the punctum is the poignant detail that leaps out and grabs the viewer. Interestingly, the punctum is "most likely not intentionally included by the photographer...yet it forms the most powerful connection between the viewer and the image" (10m 02s)

Room With A Sea View

Leonid Shmelkov | Vimeo | 21st May 2021

Brilliant animated short. A lonely insomniac arrives at a seaside resort. His loneliness soon morphs into an obsession with a mysterious woman he meets in a flower shop, which he tries to quell by watching endless games 0f billiards on TV. The ensuing tale of Kafkaesque alienation is conveyed entirely without words. (Warning: animated nudity) (11m 53s)

Comforting Video Of The Week

Nostalgic trip through the pages of a yearbook

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