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The Late, Great, Stephen Colbert

Joel Lovell | GQ | 17th August 2015

Beyond the Colbert Show and before the Late Show. Portrait of the comedian as a genius, an obsessive, and a Catholic. "I'm very grateful to be alive, even though I know a lot of dead people. I was raised in a Catholic tradition. I'll start there. That's my context for my existence, is that I am here to know God, love God, serve God, that we might be happy with each other in this world and with Him in the next—the catechism" (5,900 words)

A Matter Of Black Lives

Jeffrey Goldberg | Atlantic | 19th August 2015

Conversation with Mitch Landrieu, mayor of New Orleans, during a visit to the Louisiana State prison at Angola. “This place will bring you to your knees. I don’t understand why it’s okay in America for us to leave so many of our citizens basically dead. Why do we allow our citizens to kill each other as if it’s the cost of doing business? We have basically given up on our African American boys. I’d be a cold son of a bitch if I ignored it" (8,300 words)

Early Notes On The Ashley Madison Hack

John Herrman | Awl | 19th August 2015

"This feels like a momentous event. This hack has the potential to alter anyone’s relationship with the devices and apps and services they use every day. Here were people expecting the highest level of privacy that the commercial web could offer, as they conducted business they likely wanted to keep between two people. It’s a powerful reminder of the impossibility of perfect privacy. Welcome to the future, I guess!" (918 words)

Science Isn’t Broken

Christie Aschwanden | FiveThirtyEight | 19th August 2015

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