Tea, Horror, Cigarette, Wozzeck, Canvas

A Beginner's Guide To Tea

Mattias Pilhede | YouTube | 7th April 2022

A beginner's guide to the art of drinking tea...that gradually becomes something else entirely, a clever parallel between hobby-obsession and amorous obsession. "I just wanted us to do something and I wanted to feel like I contribute something because I know you love tea and I just wanted to feel like I am of any use to you at all" (9m 01s)

The Color Fear

Marc Olivier | YouTube | 7th April 2022

Why are modern horror movies tinted green? Many reasons: it "resurrects the power of tinted monochrome from the silent era," and "recalls the colored translucent gels of stage lighting and magic lantern shows." When the viewer stares at a totally green image, there is "no place to rest the eye"—every little detail is tinged with fear (Warning: a couple jump scares) (26m 20s)

Can A Fictional Ad Man Help Sell Real Cigarettes?

Chicago Booth Review | YouTube | 7th April 2022

Quick summary of a study about media portrayal of cigarettes, with an interesting result: Mad Men increased cigarette sales as much as actual advertisements for cigarettes. That's how powerful the effect was. Also worth noting that it increased sales for the companies portrayed onscreen and their competitors by the same amount (3m 11s)

Wozzeck is Genius. Here's Why

David Bruce Composer | YouTube | 7th April 2022

Alban Berg's opera Wozzeck, a brutal chronicle of the first World War, is like a pint of Guinness—dark, bitter, even unpalatable, but rewarding over time. As a soldier in the war, Berg had been disturbed and astonished by the sound of hundreds of men snoring at once; so in Wozzeck, he orchestrates the sound of sleeping soldiers' nasal hairs with a muted double bass (22m 37s)

Funny Video Of The Week

Friends stage an intervention when their buddy's indoor plant collection gets out of hand

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