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Political Order And Political Decay

David Runciman | Financial Times | 26th September 2014

Perceptive and admiring review of Francis Fukuyama's new book, which argues that a well-ordered society requires three things: a strong state, the rule of law, and democratic accountability. "What matters most of all is getting the sequence right. Democracy doesn’t come first. The strong state has to come first, because democracy eats away at the capacity of government to exert its authority" (1,920 words)

Why Good People Write Bad Prose

Gary Stephen Ross | Walrus | 22nd September 2014

Enjoyable review of Steven Pinker's Sense of Style, about how to write clearly. "A list is most easily grasped if the bulkiest item comes at the end: 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Light-before-heavy is one of the oldest principles in linguistics. The mind must hold the early items in suspension before incorporating the final one, and it’s easier to retain simple things than more complex elements" (1,830 words)

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