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The Sound That Circled The Earth

Aatish Bhatia | Nautilus | 29th September 2014

The noise from the volcanic explosion at Krakatoa near Java in 1883 was not only the loudest sound ever made on Earth; it was as loud as any sound on Earth possibly could be, given the laws of physics. It did not travel through the air, but pushed the air before it, in a shock-wave that shattered the ear-drums of sailors 40 miles away. Three thousand miles away it was heard "like distant guns". (1,260 words)

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The Death of Old Europe - August to December 1914

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After the lamps went out, what next? Most people understand that the First World War saw a new kind of warfare and an apocalyptic scale of loss among its soldiers. But in the first weeks and months, there was an abrupt dislocation between the men who fought and the people left at home. Were civilians really as blimpish and as gullible as parodied? Was the media really the lackey of those in power? As for the men fighting, were they spurred on to obedience by anything more creative than the fear of execution?

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