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How Gangs Took Over Prisons

Graeme Wood | Atlantic | 16th September 2014

Jaw-dropping throughout. The political economy of American prison gangs, explained with the help of sociologist David Skarbek, who is rightly described here as "a treasury of horrifying anecdotes about human depravity and ingenuity". The gangs "impose responsibility on everyone". They discipline their members. They keep one another in check. “There’s like 30 knives out there right now. Hidden up their rectums” (5,190 words)

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This Wednesday in London: Felix Salmon and Izabella Kaminska

On 7pm on 24th September at Toynbee Hall, East London, Browser favourites Felix Salmon and Izabella Kaminska will shine a light on the international art market and discuss the implications of technology like 3D printing for a world which sets so much store by authenticity.

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