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  FiveBooks interviews, videos, quotations and more.
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Weekly Newsletter

Best of the Week

[5]Best Of 2011: The End of the American Era
      5. http://b.rw/vfAjUx

Stephen Walt | National Interest | 25 October 2011

"The era when the United States could create and lead a political, economic
  and security order in virtually every part of the world is coming to an end.
  Which raises the obvious question: What should we do about it?" Excellent
  essay [6]Comments
      6. http://thebrowser.com/articles/end-american-era

[7]Best Of 2011: The Xinjiang Procedure
      7. http://b.rw/urPQz9

Ethan Gutmann | Weekly Standard | 25 November 2011

"Chinese medical authorities admit the lion’s share of transplant organs
  originate with executions, but no mainland doctors, even in exile, will
  normally speak of performing such surgery." Now one has. Prepare for a
  shocking story [8]Comments
      8. http://thebrowser.com/articles/xinjiang-procedure

[9]Best Of 2011: The Overjustification Effect
      9. http://b.rw/uMOkbT

Anonymous | You Are Not So Smart | 14 December 2011

Superb essay on money, happiness. "No matter how you turn it, the science
  says once your basic needs are taken care of, money and other rewards don’t
  make you happier." If you think differently, you're deluding yourself.
  Here's why [10]Comments
      10. http://thebrowser.com/articles/overjustification-effect

[11]Best Of 2011: Nelson Mandela's Legacy
      11. http://b.rw/qDftpv

John Carlin | Cairo Review of Global Affairs | 10 July 2011

Tremendously well-crafted, well-informed piece of writing, paying tribute to
  political skills and intelligence of former South African president. To
  focus on his (admirable) spirit of forgiveness is to underestimate the man
  hugely [12]Comments
      12. http://thebrowser.com/articles/nelson-mandelas-legacy

[13]Best Of 2011: Varieties Of Irreligious Experience
      13. http://b.rw/ogPFGg

Jonathan Rée | New Humanist | 14 September 2011

Outstanding on evolution of atheism and complexity of religious belief.
  Rationalists should realise modern believers "may not accept the idea of God
  as an actually existing entity, so arguments for atheism will not disturb
  them" [14]Comments
      14. http://thebrowser.com/articles/varieties-irreligious-experience

[15]Best Of 2011: Dr Don
      15. http://b.rw/putYoB

Peter Hessler | New Yorker | 20 September 2011

New Yorker at its best—and that's setting the bar high. Profile of Don
  Colcord, small-town pharmacist in Colorado. Dispenses drugs and medical
  advice, fixes watches, knows customers by name, helps out poor, holds town
  together [16]Comments
      16. http://thebrowser.com/articles/dr-don

[17]Best Of 2011: Welcome To The Age Of Overparenting
      17. http://b.rw/rGO07z

Katherine Ozment | Boston Magazine | 30 November 2011

Cautionary tale of modern parenting: "I’d bought into the self-esteem dogma
  — the idea that bathing our children in good feeling and positive
  reinforcement arms them with the confidence they need to lead better lives."
  A mistake [18]Comments
      18. http://thebrowser.com/articles/welcome-age-overparenting

[19]Best Of 2011: The Movie Set That Ate Itself
      19. http://b.rw/tlh7nM

Michael Idov | GQ | 27 October 2011

Unmissable story of a most bizarre film project. A cast of thousands. Many
  living full-time in a nightmare vision of 1950s Moscow. A totalitarian
  society, under the control of a deranged director. Where the cameras are
  always on [20]Comments
      20. http://thebrowser.com/articles/movie-set-ate-itself

FiveBooks Interview

[21]Best of FiveBooks on Travel
      21. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/travel-best-fivebooks

From rafting down the Nile to the first voyage to the Antarctic, we select
  five travel books from our archive that will give you the wanderlust for
  2012 [22]Read on
      22. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/travel-best-fivebooks

Featured Topic

[23]Sport's Violence Problem
      23. http://thebrowser.com/reports/sports-violence-problem

Nobody wants to take away the thrill and drama of the NFL or NHL, but is
  middle age dementia an acceptable price for ex-players to pay?  [24]Read on
      24. http://thebrowser.com/reports/sports-violence-problem

Reader Recommendations

_@nuzav_  Princeton  Brews  Trouble for Us 1 Percenters: Michael Lewis -
  Bloomberg [25]t.co/yUscTDHZ via _@BloombergView_ [26]#browsings [27]More
  like this
      25. http://t.co/yUscTDHZ
      26. https://twitter.com/search?q=#browsings
      27. http://thebrowser.com/browsings

Book of the Week

[28]Book of the Day
      28. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/lion-witch-and-wardrobe-by-cs-lewis

[29]The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis
      29. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/lion-witch-and-wardrobe-by-cs-lewis

[30]Lev Grossman says: I don’t think Lewis gets enough credit for his craft
  as  a writer. The books are deceptively simple, one precisely observed
  sensory detail after another [31]FiveBooks Archive
      30. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/lion-witch-and-wardrobe-by-cs-lewis
      31. http://thebrowser.com/fivebooks

Video of the Week

      32. http://thebrowser.com/videos/leila

Public service announcement in the spirit of M Night Shyamalan [33]More
      33. http://thebrowser.com/videos

Quote of the Week

[34]Gertrude Stein, on repetition
      34. http://bobulate.com/post/14930080224/the-question-of-repetition-is-very-important-it

"There is no such thing as repetition. There is always a slight variation"

[35]More quotes
      35. http://thebrowser.com/quotations

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