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  FiveBooks interviews, videos, quotations and more.
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Weekly Newsletter

Best of the Week

[5]Making It In America
      5. http://b.rw/yqImFu

Adam Davidson | Atlantic | 10 January 2012

What is happening to manufacturing industry in America? And what does the
  future hold for those who work in it? Superbly engaging and interesting
  analysis told through stories of workers at South Carolina auto parts plant
      6. http://thebrowser.com/articles/making-it-america

[7]Streaming Dreams
      7. http://b.rw/wFkTnu

John Seabrook | New Yorker | 5 January 2012

Exceptional essay on streaming video giant, YouTube. How it started, grew,
  now plans to change television forever. Traditional broadcasters beware:
  "YouTube, home of grainy cellphone videos & skateboarding dogs, is going
  pro" [8]Comments
      8. http://thebrowser.com/articles/streaming-dreams

[9]Recovering Adam Smith's Ethical Economics
      9. http://b.rw/zT6Zp8

Anonymous | Philosopher's Beard | 6 January 2012

Adam Smith is rightly cited as the father of modern economics. But he was
  also a prominent figure in the Scottish Enlightenment, friend of Hume, and
  saw economics as a branch of moral philosophy. A view which is very relevant
  today [10]Comments
      10. http://thebrowser.com/articles/recovering-adam-smiths-ethical-economics

[11]Will We Be All Right In The End?
      11. http://b.rw/xhXHbw

David Runciman | LRB | 5 January 2012

Democracy is being tested severely in Europe. It's not looking that healthy
  in America. "The fear is that the political system we’ve relied on in the
  past might not be up to the task at hand, but it’s the only one we’ve got"
      12. http://thebrowser.com/articles/will-we-be-all-right-end

[13]Do We Need Doctors Or Algorithms?
      13. http://b.rw/wZB8Af

Vinod Khosla | TechCrunch | 10 January 2012

Silicon Valley legend bets on algorithms: "I doubt very much if within 15
  years I won’t be able to ask Siri’s great great grandchild for an opinion
  far more accurate than the one I get today from the average physician."
  Here's why [14]Comments
      14. http://thebrowser.com/articles/do-we-need-doctors-or-algorithms

[15]State Of The Union
      15. http://b.rw/yUW8bp

David Remnick | New Yorker | 9 January 2012

Book review that may obviate your need to read Jodi Kantor's "The Obamas".
  Her book serves up a few scoops of ice cream; Remnick gives some historical
  perspective on first couple dynamics. Nixon, predictably, comes out badly
      16. http://thebrowser.com/articles/state-union

[17]The Whole True Story Of The Dougherty Gang
      17. http://b.rw/yIRadG

Kathy Dobie | GQ | 10 January 2012

Spoiler alert: This story contains strippers, guns and car chases. Lives of
  three siblings from Florida career out of control after comparatively small
  offence results in legal catch-22. Fifteen-state crime spree follows
      18. http://thebrowser.com/articles/whole-true-story-dougherty-gang

[19]Letter From New Orleans
      19. http://b.rw/xU33p0

Wright Thompson | Grantland | 9 January 2012

Terrifically enjoyable read on four-time Louisiana governor and convicted
  felon, Edwin Edwards. Now out of prison. Author of immortal election quote:
  "The only way I'm losing is if I get caught in bed with a dead girl or a
  live boy" [20]Comments
      20. http://thebrowser.com/articles/letter-new-orleans

FiveBooks Interview

[21]Henry Hitchings on Language
      21. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/henry-hitchings-on-language

The wordsmith and cultural historian debunks common myths about English,
  recommends  the smartest writing about words, and says apostrophes are
  “orthographic squiggles” not worth fighting for [22]Read on
      22. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/henry-hitchings-on-language

Featured Topic

[23]Putin's Russia
      23. http://thebrowser.com/reports/putins-russia

A  disputed election, protests, accusations of being a mafia state. As
  Vladimir Putin prepares to take back the presidency, what kind of country
  does he lead? [24]Read on
      24. http://thebrowser.com/reports/putins-russia

Reader Recommendations

_@polit2k_  Simon Johnson: Could Huntsman and the Democrats Ally on Bank
  Reform? | NYT [25]t.co/G1cpcZok [26]#browsings [27]More like this
      25. http://t.co/G1cpcZok
      26. https://twitter.com/search?q=#browsings
      27. http://thebrowser.com/browsings

Book of the Week

[28]Book of the Day
      28. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/couples-by-john-updike

[29]Couples by John Updike
      29. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/couples-by-john-updike

[30]William Boyd says: “The book is a fantastically acute and brilliantly
  well-observed account of society. It gets the human condition really well”
  [31]FiveBooks Archive
      30. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/william-boyd-on-writers-who-have-inspired-me
      31. http://thebrowser.com/fivebooks

Video of the Week

[32]Wilco, Nick Lowe and Mavis Staples
      32. http://thebrowser.com/videos/wilco-nick-lowe-and-mavis-staples-rehearse-weight

Rehearsing "The Weight", in Chicago [33]More videos
      33. http://thebrowser.com/videos

Quote of the Week

[34]Steve Chapman, on Newt Gingrich
      34. http://reason.com/archives/2012/01/12/the-republicans-cow-pie-bingo

"No one has ever left a Gingrich encounter wanting to hear more"

[35]More quotes
      35. http://thebrowser.com/quotations

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