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  FiveBooks interviews, videos, quotations and more.
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Weekly Newsletter

Best of the Week

[5]How One Man Escaped From A North Korean Prison Camp
      5. http://b.rw/zXR09I

Blaine Harden | Guardian | 16 March 2012

Shin In Geun is probably the only person to have been born in, and
  escape from, a North Korean camp for political prisoners. His account
  of the cruelty and viciousness of life inside Camp 14 is harrowing
  almost beyond belief [6]Comments
      6. http://thebrowser.com/articles/how-one-man-escaped-north-korean-prison-camp

[7]The Case Against Google
      7. http://b.rw/GPYmsU

Mat Honan | Gizmodo | 22 March 2012

Fundamentals have changed. Google's model no longer to maximise market
  share. That's done. Now comes time for monetising captive audience by
  whatever means available. Google's core product is no longer search.
  It's Google [8]Comments
      8. http://thebrowser.com/articles/case-against-google

      9. http://b.rw/GFBttZ

Nathaniel Rich | NYT | 21 March 2012

New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward was slated to become "green space"
  post-Katrina. But some residents wanted to return. So the result,
  generously put, is laissez-faire. Population down by three-quarters;
  flora and fauna running riot [10]Comments
      10. http://thebrowser.com/articles/jungleland

[11]Too Smart To Fail
      11. http://b.rw/yf4Uda

Thomas Frank | MIT Press Journals/Baffler | 16 March 2012

America suffers three big self-inflicted wounds in barely a decade:
  "New Economy" bubble, war in Iraq, banking crash. Yet nobody gets held
  to account, nobody gets shamed. Neither among the principals, nor the
  pundits (PDF) [12]Comments
      12. http://thebrowser.com/articles/too-smart-fail

[13]Afghanistan: A Gathering Menace
      13. http://b.rw/FQq9Kc

Neil Shea | American Scholar | 12 March 2012

With US forces. "Many times I have watched soldiers or Marines, driven
  by boredom or fear, behave selfishly and meanly, even illegally, in
  minor ways. [Now] I felt I was watching some of the men unravel toward
  serious crimes" [14]Comments
      14. http://thebrowser.com/articles/afghanistan-gathering-menace

[15]Logically Speaking
      15. http://b.rw/FPKNWS

Richard Marshall | 3:AM Magazine | 17 March 2012

Philosopher Graham Priest discusses paraconsistent logic, paradoxes,
  dialetheism. "Contrary to orthodoxy in Western philosophy, some claims
  are true and false, that is, they have a true negation. Nor is this
  irrational." Here's why [16]Comments
      16. http://thebrowser.com/articles/logically-speaking

[17]The Evolution Of Death
      17. http://b.rw/wRF3ru

Dick Teresi | Salon | 18 March 2012

"Most of us would agree that King Tut and other mummified ancient
  Egyptians are dead, and that you and I are alive. Somewhere in between
  these two states lies the moment of death. But where is that?" It's
  surprisingly tricky to tell [18]Comments
      18. http://thebrowser.com/articles/evolution-death

[19]Your Brain On Fiction
      19. http://b.rw/yCWpmL

Annie Murphy Paul | NYT | 17 March 2012

Investigating what neuroscience has to say about people who read
  novels. "Reading great literature, it has long been averred, enlarges
  and improves us as human beings. Brain science shows this claim is
  truer than we imagined" [20]Comments
      20. http://thebrowser.com/articles/your-brain-fiction

FiveBooks Interview

[21]John Carlin on Understanding Mandela and South Africa
      21. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/john-carlin-on-understanding-mandela-and-south-africa

Nelson Mandela was a most unusual, and unusually astute, leader, says
  John Carlin. He used forgiveness as a political tool, in so doing
  ensuring that South Africa avoided what could have been a bloodbath
  [22]Read on
      22. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/john-carlin-on-understanding-mandela-and-south-africa

Featured Topic

[23]Healthcare in America
      23. http://thebrowser.com/reports/healthcare-america

The battle over US healthcare reform reaches the Supreme Court. Here's
  what's at stake [24]Read on
      24. http://thebrowser.com/reports/healthcare-america

Reader Recommendations

@JamesMcGirk RT @prospect_uk: The literary genre that defines our times
  [25]t.co/1R3s6LXD #longreads @leobenedictus [26]#browsings [27]More
  like this
      25. http://t.co/1R3s6LXD
      26. https://twitter.com/search?q=#browsings
      27. http://thebrowser.com/browsings

Book of the Week

[28]Book of the Day
      28. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/promise-american-life-by-herbert-croly

[29]The Promise of American Life by Herbert Croly
      29. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/promise-american-life-by-herbert-croly

[30]Robert Reich says: "Croly was the first to understand that modern
  capitalism required a government that was strong enough to
  counterbalance the forces of large corporations" [31]FiveBooks Archive
      30. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/robert-reich-on-saving-capitalism-and-democracy
      31. http://thebrowser.com/fivebooks

Video of the Week

[32]The Real Mitt Romney
      32. http://thebrowser.com/videos/real-mitt-romney

He stands up. With an introduction from Barack Obama. And music from
  Eminem [33]More videos
      33. http://thebrowser.com/videos

Quote of the Week

[34]Tony Blair, on governing
      34. http://twitter.com/clarkaw/status/181674833908736002

"You begin at your most popular and least capable, and end at your
    least popular and most capable"

[35]More quotes
      35. http://thebrowser.com/quotations

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