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Weekly Newsletter

Best of the Week

[6]The Legitimate Children Of Rape
      6. http://b.rw/PEWJ6r

Andrew Solomon | New Yorker | 29 August 2012

Powerful, moving piece on the history of rape, and children born to
  victims. “Can you tell me how to love my daughter more? I want to love
  her so much, and I try my best, but when I look at her I see what
  happened to me" [7]Comments
      7. http://thebrowser.com/articles/legitimate-children-rape

[8]Talk Like An Iranian
      8. http://b.rw/Oqhfma

Christopher de Bellaigue | Atlantic | 25 August 2012

Bellaigue, an Englishman whose wife is Iranian, visits the Department
  of Alien Affairs in Tehran to apply for citizenship. He is told his
  case stands a good chance of success. What follows is a lesson in
  Iranian manners and culture [9]Comments
      9. http://thebrowser.com/articles/talk-iranian

[10]Revolt Of The Rich
      10. http://b.rw/NwxGTd

Mike Lofgren | American Conservative | 27 August 2012

"The super-rich have seceded from America even as their grip on its
  control mechanisms has tightened. But how did this evolve historically,
  what does it mean for the rest of us, and where is it likely to be
  going?" [11]Comments
      11. http://thebrowser.com/articles/revolt-rich

[12]Shattered Genius
      12. http://b.rw/NU7IbT

Brett Forrest | Brett Forrest | 26 August 2012

On the trail of Grigori Perelman, brilliant Russian mathematician who
  solved the Poincaré Conjecture and later turned down a $1m reward for
  his work. After some amateur sleuthing, Forrest finds the reclusive
  genius in St Petersburg [13]Comments
      13. http://thebrowser.com/articles/shattered-genius

[14]A Tragic Tale At A South African Mine
      14. http://b.rw/Oxsvk0

Imraan Coovadia | NYT | 28 August 2012

Commentary on Marikana confrontation that led to S African police
  killing 34 striking miners. Could it be "that workers’ violence
  endangers the country less than the unreal ways in which the superrich
  take pleasure and show power"? [15]Comments
      15. http://thebrowser.com/articles/tragic-tale-south-african-mine

[16]The Facts Behind The Frack
      16. http://b.rw/Ph5CNS

Rachel Ehrenberg | ScienceNews | 27 August 2012

"To call it a fractious debate is an understatement." Is hydraulic
  fracturing worth it? And what are the risks it poses? The public debate
  is polarised, and often ill-informed. Here's what the scientists have
  to say about it [17]Comments
      17. http://thebrowser.com/articles/facts-behind-frack

[18]The Village Where People Have Dementia – And Fun
      18. http://b.rw/MXeMmT

Jon Henley | Guardian | 27 August 2012

Dutch project takes innovative, humane and affordable approach to
  dementia: A self-contained village where care aims at maximising
  quality of life, by focusing on what residents can still do, rather
  than everything they can't [19]Comments
      19. http://thebrowser.com/articles/village-where-people-have-dementia-–-and-fun

[20]Being A Cheesemonger Is Better And Worse Than You Think It Is
      20. http://b.rw/Ph6NOy

Martha Grover | Billfold | 24 August 2012

Wonderful recollections of working as a cheesemonger. "In the customer
  service world, in the world of giving the most of yourself away on a
  daily basis, there’s this paradox where in the end, you really give
  people the least" [21]Comments
      21. http://thebrowser.com/articles/being-cheesemonger-better-and-worse-you-think-it

FiveBooks Interview

[22]Emrys Westacott on Philosophy and Everyday Living
      22. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/emrys-westacott-on-philosophy-and-everyday-living

Philosophy is sometimes assumed to be a dry, academic subject but, in
  reality, is anything but. A philosophy professor tells us how his
  subject is at least as much about how we live, love and relate to each
  other [23]Read on
      23. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/emrys-westacott-on-philosophy-and-everyday-living

Featured Topic

[24]Human Modification
      24. http://thebrowser.com/reports/human-modification

Scientists are experimenting with different ways to enhance humans.
  What's possible? And what may be possible in the future? Does messing
  with Mother Nature raise ethical questions? [25]Read on
      25. http://thebrowser.com/reports/human-modification

Reader Recommendations

@DiogoCMoreira RT @polit2k: "@delong: Ezra Klein on the Lies of Paul
  Ryan [26]t.co/qD7BQxDD" #election2012 #gfc2 [27]#browsings [28]More
  like this
      26. http://t.co/qD7BQxDD
      27. https://twitter.com/search?q=#browsings
      28. http://thebrowser.com/browsings

Book of the Week

[29]Book of the Day
      29. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/once-and-future-king-by-t-h-white

[30]The Once and Future King by T H White
      30. http://thebrowser.com/recommended/once-and-future-king-by-t-h-white

[31]Lev Grossman says: “A thoroughly modern re-imagining of the story
  of King Arthur. The first part alone may be the best story of a
  childhood ever committed to paper” [32]FiveBooks Archive
      31. http://thebrowser.com/interviews/lev-grossman-on-fantasy
      32. http://thebrowser.com/fivebooks

Video of the Week

[33]The Abortion War
      33. http://thebrowser.com/videos/abortion-war

'There's a sea of wounded out there. They're going to be bleeding right
  in front of you'
  [34]More videos
      34. http://thebrowser.com/videos

Quote of the Week

[35]Barry Cryer, on Tony Blair's tan
      35. http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2012/aug/25/assange-ecuador-olympics-government-chinese

"He's the only person I know who's a Roman Catholic and an Orange
    man at the same time"

[36]More quotes
      36. http://thebrowser.com/quotations

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