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Has The Ideas Machine Broken Down?

Anonymous | Economist | 11 January 2013

This modern age is great at producing incrementally jazzier gadgets. But we've lost the vision, the appetite for fundamental technological progress. Revolutions in transport, health science, even kitchen gadgetry all took place before 1970. Since then we've done the internet and that's all

Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie

Stephen Rodrick | New York Times | 10 January 2013

Big, fun read. Paul Schrader directs $250,000 movie financed on Kickstarter. Lohan agrees to act for $100 a day. James Deen as male lead. Script by Bret Easton Ellis. Shooting at Chateau Marmont. The result: Like the train crash in Super 8, only messier. Somebody should option this story

Joy In The Task: Making Coffee

Julian Baggini | Aeon | 9 January 2013

Many of the world's finest restaurants serve coffee from a Nespresso machine. Which is dispiriting, in a way: You could make the same thing at home. But coffee-making is a process that can be automated and optimised, as Nespresso has done. So, which do you prefer: The best, or the human?

New Delhi Attack: The Victim's Story

Krishna Pokharel et al | Wall Street Journal | 8 January 2013

Gripping account of rape-murder outrage, based on interviews with male survivor and with dead woman's family and friends. The victims were going to the cinema to see Life Of Pi. "And so began an innocent outing that set in motion a killing that would horrify the world"

How To Pick A Husband If You Want To Have Kids

Penelope Trunk | Brazen Careerist | 7 January 2013

"If you are picking the two-nanny route, you will need to find a husband who earns more than you. Statistically your marriage is high risk if you and your husband are both in the workforce and you earn more than him, because surveys show that you will resent him. This is primal"

Diary Of A Creep

Rend Smith | New York Times | 5 January 2013

"I’m a creep. I know this because people — mostly random strangers — tell me so. I’m not the catcaller or the leerer, the public masturbator or the stalker. I’m just a dude who looks the part, and it’s amazing how much that affects my life. Consider this the first entry in the diary of a creep"

Monty Python: The Beatles Of Comedy

David Free | Atlantic | 3 January 2013

"Cleese and Chapman took another pass at the car-salesman idea. It had possibilities, Cleese felt, that they had failed to exploit. What if they shifted the action to a pet shop? What if the malfunctioning car became a dead animal? A dog, say. Or a parrot"

Secrets And Lies Of The Bailout

Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone | 4 January 2013

"We were told that the taxpayer was stepping in to prop up the economy and save the world from financial catastrophe. What we ended up doing was the opposite: committing taxpayers to permanent, blind support of an ungovernable, unregulatable, hyperconcentrated new financial system"

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