Who Is The Browser?

We've all been there: you see a charge on your credit card bill you don't recognise, and there's no easy way to figure out who they are or what they sold you. We wanted to make life easier, so we created this page for you.

The Browser is a daily curation newsletter. We charge $48 per year or $5 per month (as of 2024) for a premium subscription, alongside our free version.

We are a very small, very honest business. The only way to get a Browser subscription is to enter your card details on our website, but of course we're all human and sometimes subscribe to a service and then forget about it later. We never want to charge someone who doesn't want to read our writing, so if you're not an enthusiastic Browser reader please email support@thebrowser.com and we'll get your most recent payment refunded, no questions asked.

Please note: if you email us directly we can refund unwanted charges immediately; if you contest the charge with your bank, it may take several months and you may lose the contest.

Occasionally, readers unintentionally unsubscribe from our emails without ending their paid subscription. We try our best to make it clear when unsubscribing from emails that this does not end a paid subscription, because some of our paid read our work only on our website or through their RSS feed. If this is your situation, please email support@thebrowser.com and we'll get it straightened out.

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