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Mad Teacher Runs Amuck In German School


Was carrying ten automatic pistols

The New York Tribune,  21st June 1913

BREMEN, June 20th — Three school children are dead, five others and a teacher are perhaps mortally wounded, and fourteen additional children and two men more or less seriously injured as the result of a madman with several automatic pistols running amuck in a Catholic school here today.

The madman is a young teacher named Schmidt, who had been without employment for some months.

Entering the school corridor this morning, Schmidt, without warning, fired upon and wounded the woman teacher. Then, with a automatic pistol in each hand, he entered the classroom where the little girls were at their studies and opened fire upon them. There was a wild panic during which one girl fell down the stairs and broke her neck. The lunatic then fired into the courtyard where the boys were gathered, bullets striking several of them.

One stray bullet from the madman's weapons wounded a workman in an adjoining building. The janitor of the school attacked Schmidt and was shot through the chin, and a teacher who grappled with the murdered received bullets in the breast and stomach.

The lunatic finally was overpowered, but not before he had been badly injured by a crowd of enraged people attracted to the schoolhouse by the shooting. The police were compelled to use their sabres to protect the man from death at the hands of the mob.

Ten automatic pistols were found in Schmidt's pockets. Most of these had been fire until their chambers were empty. As there was no question but that Schmidt was violently instance, he was committed at once to an asylum.

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