Five Books Newsletter 12

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Five Books Newsletter

Dear Five Books reader,

Below our selection of books for this week.

Have a lovely weekend!


This Week's Books

"This is the book with which general readers who are curious about the history of reading should start, because of its very accessible essayistic narrative. It offers a sweeping overview of the history of reading."

Leah Price on the History of Reading (

"Does the world look different in other languages?"

Robert Lane Greene on Language and the Mind (

"Coyne really does show the futility of our efforts. All these efforts at war – the loss of lives, the billions of dollars spent – got us what?"

Peter Boettke on Austrian Economics (

"Bonobos are fascinating for all sorts of reasons."

Paul Seabright on Evolution and Human Cooperation (

"Ursula Le Guin may be the living writer I most admire. The Left Hand of Darkness, published in 1969, may be her best novel. Set on a beautifully evoked wintry planet, it concerns a diplomatic envoy called Genly Ai who visits the world to invite it to join an interplanetary polity called the Ekumen."

Adam Roberts on Science Fiction Classics (

"This little a remarkable work in that in a very short space she manages to deal with everything. Despite spending 40 years researching this subject myself, I found that it just glitters with insights."

Paul Preston on the Spanish Civil War (

"If you want to get people to drive more carefully, have a spike set in the steering wheel, pointing towards the driver’s heart."

Lewis Wolpert on Science (

Quote of the Week

"There is quite a lot of freedom to write...when you have no attention, no readership and no royalties."
Imraan Coovadia on South African Fiction (

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