Five Books Newsletter 18

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Below our new interview and book recommendations from the past week.

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This week's interview

Gady Epstein on China and the Internet

How has the Chinese Communist Party managed to survive the chaos of the World Wide Web? The Economist correspondent chooses books on the world's most successful case of authoritarian control of the Internet.

Books of the Week"It’s a beautiful book, it’s incredibly deep. It tells you something very shocking, which is that ultimately this process of reintegration is really not hard at all on the killers."

Philip Gourevitch on Rwanda ("Read this and you will never again hand your iPhone to your child in the stroller."

Peg Tyre on Educating Your Child ("Julian Dibbell decided he was going to spend a year trying to earn enough money to live off, purely by trading in virtual goods."

Tom Chatfield on Computer Games ("This has remained my most-thumbed book on Ancient Egypt for the last 23 years."

Toby Wilkinson on Ancient Egypt ("This is a cult book among those of us who like reading about football."

Simon Kuper on Best Football Books in English (

Quote of the Week

"Biblical consumerism is replacing biblical literacy. Buying Bibles is more important than reading them."
Timothy Beal on Bibles (

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