FiveBooks Newsletter 11 b

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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

[2]Our new quiz goes live today and it's harder than last time, so good

See below for links to an honest interview with Max Mosley on privacy, a
moving  talk on the miracle of autism, China, maths, string theory and

___[3]Alex Bellos on Maths_

Monday, August 30th

The author of Alex’s _Adventures in Numberland_ says nothing can be done
without zero. However, we are afraid of zero because we are afraid of the
Godless void of nothingness. He chooses five books on maths.
_[4]Steven Gubser on String Theory_

Tuesday, August 31st

The Princeton physics professor says the trouble with heavy ion collisions
is that they are complicated affairs. They’re like an enormous car crash
where everything breaks, there’s tremendous confusion, and then you try to
sort out afterwards what happened. He chooses five books on string theory.

_[5]Max Mosley on Privacy_
Wednesday, September 1st

Today Max Mosley, formerly of the FIA, says if someone wants to have sex in
public or make a porn video then it’s up to them. But if they don’t then
it’s not up to the _News of the World_ to do it for them. He chooses five
books on privacy.

___[6]Rupert Isaacson on the Miracle of Autism_

Thursday, September 2nd

Author and autism father Rupert Isaacson took his son to the shamans of
Mongolia  to be healed and says some societies consider autism to be a
qualification for a job and not a disqualification from society. He chooses
books on compassion.

_ _
_[7]Marianne Bastid-Bruguière on Life in China_
Friday, September 3rd

World-renowned sinologist Marianne Bastid-Bruguière chooses books on life in
China – bandits and rickshaw drivers, public toilet managers and people
traffickers, tragic lovers and a husband and wife who love to look at the
moon. _
_[8]EJ Dionne on The appeal of conservatism_

Sunday, September 5th

EJ Dionne joins our American Conservatism collection.

Have  a  great week. Don't miss HSBC's chief economist Stephen King on
globalisation on Wednesday.


Anna Blundy

Editor, FiveBooks

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