Newsletter 93

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Ralph Miliband And Sons
   John Gray | Guardian | 4 September 2010
   Intricate, demanding, penetrating essay on British socialism, seen
   through prism of Miliband family. Father Ralph was a Marxist theorist.
   Sons David and Ed compete for Labour Party leadership
 * [3]Boxers, Briefs And Books
   John Grisham | NYT | 5 September 2010
   Novelist tells of becoming a writer after jobs in gardening, plumbing,
   construction, retailing, lawyering. "I remember staring at the defendant
   and wishing I had a gun. And like that, a story was born"
 * [4]Kinshasa's "Rumble" Stadium Decays
   Andy Kershaw | BBC | 4 September 2010
   Poignant walk through rusting wreck of Tata Raphael Stadium, where
   Mohamed Ali beat George Foreman in 1974. Ali's dressing room now home to
   an impoverished civil servant and his family
 * [5]Frat House For Jesus
   Peter Boyer | New Yorker | 6 September 2010
   Amazing tale of stealthy, influential, American Christian religious
   network. Conspiracy theory come to life. Membership includes
   Congressmen, presidents, foreign heads of state.
 * [6]Game Conservation In Africa
   Anonymous | Economist | 2 September 2010
   Northern white rhino down to last eight animals. Lions may vanish by
   2020. Governments have failed to protect. Can private initiatives—such
   as tourism, farming, charity—do any better?
 * [7]Why America Has Lost
   Fareed Zakaria | Newsweek | 4 September 2010
   America has history of overestimating adversaries. Soviet Union. Saddam
   Hussein. Al-Qaeda. Grossly over-reacted to 9/11. Lurched towards police
   state. Enough of this "war"
 * [8]Lunch With Gary Shteyngart
   Katie Roiphe | FT | 3 September 2010
   Usually a clumsy format, this "lunch with" works perfectly, captures
   flow of conversation from clever, funny novelist who doesn't take
   himself, or anything else, too seriously
 * [9]Chaplain And Atheist Go To War
   Michael Phillips | WSJ | 4 September 2010
   Touching, wry tale of relationship between Marine corps chaplain in
   Afghanistan, and his atheist assistant. "He trusts God to keep him safe.
   And I'm here just in case that doesn't work out"
 * [10]Topic: Happiness
   And the pursuit thereof. How to find it, how to measure it, how to
   integrate it into government... [11]Continue reading...

[12]Today on FiveBooks: Daily life in China.

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