Newsletter 94

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]My Maiden Aunt's Second Cousin
   Gideon Lichfield | Economist | 2 September 2010
   Short, pleasing note on precision with which different languages
   describe family members. English has one term for offspring of your
   parents' siblings: "cousin". Hebrew has four, Arabic eight
 * [3]Strictly English: On Exaggeration
   Simon Heffer | Telegraph | 2 September 2010
   Overstatement may grab attention, but devalues the currency of language.
   "If a man who scores a goal is a hero, what term do we reserve to
   describe one who wins the Victoria Cross?"
 * [4]Insights From The Afghan Field
   Anatol Lieven | Current Intelligence | 6 September 2010
   Powerful review-essay of new scholarly books on Afghanistan. Lieven
   regrets they weren't there to be read by arriving Americans in
   2001-2002, doomed in advance by ignorance of country and history
 * [5]Sweep Economists Off Their Thrones
   Gideon Rachman | FT | 6 September 2010
   Economists should learn some modesty from historians, whose craft dates
   back to Herodotus, and who understand rather better the complexity of
   human society and the limits of social science
 * [6]Unwisdom Of Crowds
   David Rieff | New Republic | 6 September 2010
   Comradeship is usually a good thing. Crowds are often fun. But in
   politics they are dangerous. They encourage simplicity and selfishness,
   override individual conscience. Crowd easily becomes mob
 * [7]Crimewave That Shames The World
   Robert Fisk | Independent | 7 September 2010
   Ferocious attack on "honour killings" in Muslim culture. At least 5,000
   women murdered each year, often by close relatives. Horrific catalogue
   of crimes given here. Sickening. Infuriating. Depressing
 * Topic: Happiness

And the pursuit thereof. How to find it, how to measure it, how to
   integrate it into government [8]Continue reading...

[9]Today on FiveBooks: Daily life in China.

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