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Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.
FiveBooks weekly newsletter: Links to all our original FiveBooks interviews of the week before, plus a pick of the best content on The Browser.

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Jonathan Powell on Negotiation

Friday September 28

The former chief of staff to Tony Blair tells us about his experience of negotiating in Northern Ireland, and explains why it's important never to lose your temper except on purpose Continue reading… (

Andrew Cowan on Creative Writing

Thursday September 27

The senior lecturer in creative writing at UEA says Joseph Conrad got it right when he said that the sitting down is all. Here he chooses five books to help aspiring writers Continue reading… (

Marcus du Sautoy on The Beauty of Maths

Wednesday September 26

The Oxford professor tells us how he finds beauty in maths, and why his ultimate aim is to become a master of the glass bead game. Continue reading… (

Deborah Blum on Science in Society

Tuesday September 25

The Pulitzer prize-winning writer says science is too important to be left for the scientists, and recommends books that show how much it matters in our daily lives Continue reading… (

Jim Al-Khalili on The Atom

Monday September 24

The professor of theoretical physics explains why Einstein and Feynman were great scientists, and tells us why studying atoms is fun Continue reading… (

Brian Leiter on Nietzsche

Sunday September 23

Relativist, atheist, existentialist, Nazi. All have been said of Nietzsche, some with more reason than others. We asked a Nietzsche expert to explain the appeal of the controversial philosopher Continue reading… (

Best of the Moment

The Drugs Don't Work: A Modern Medical Scandal

Ben Goldacre | Guardian | 21 September 2012

Drugs are tested by manufacturers, in poorly designed trials, on small numbers of unrepresentative patients. Unsurprisingly, these trials often produce results that favour the manufacturer. Those that don't are buried More like this (


Privacy Online

Your movements are tracked and the data trail you leave is commercialised. If privacy is gone, is "publicy" the future? Or is there more value to privacy than some think? Read on (

Book of the Week

Book of the Day

Isaac’s Storm  by Erik Larson

Deborah Blum says ( : “Erik Larson uses this story – of the climatologist who was responsible for trying to forecast the storm – as a way of exploring the evolution of an essential science” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Week

How The Internet Will Transform Government


Clay Shirky. Say what you like about TED, the man can talk More videos (

Quote of the Week

Michael Chabon, on men (

"Apart from homosexuals, only chess players have found a reliable way to bridge, intensely but without fatal violence, the gulf that separates any two men"

More quotes (

Reader Recommendations

@lonlygrllauren ( Stunning piece about an Inuit suicide by @EvaHolland ( - "The One Who Jumped" #browsings ( More like this (

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