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Best of the Moment

How To Make Almost Anything

Neil Gershenfeld | Foreign Affairs | 27 September 2012

The digital fabrication revolution. 3D printing is already here. Coming soon: Replication. "The aim is to not only produce the parts for a drone, for example, but build a complete vehicle that can fly right out of the printer" Comments (

An Amazing 10 Years: The Discovery Of Egg And Sperm In The 17th Century

M Cobb | Reproduction In Domestic Animals | 24 September 2012

Fascinating look back at the 1660s, and one of the most extraordinary of biological discoveries: How a baby came to be. This is the story of how scientists uncovered the role of sperm and egg in human reproduction (PDF) Comments (

Georgia's Next Leader May Be A Billionaire Zookeeper

Michael Idov | New Republic | 28 September 2012

Profile of Bidzina Ivanishvili, running for prime minister of Georgia. Said to be worth $6bn, or roughly half his country's GDP. "I don’t plan on staying in politics too long. Maybe two years? I’ll put a good team in place" Comments (

'Every Person Is Afraid Of The Drones': The Strikes' Effect On Life In Pakistan

Conor Friedersdorf | Atlantic | 25 September 2012

Short, powerful account of what America's drone war does to people who live in Pakistan's tribal areas. "When children hear the drones, they get really scared, and they're always fearful that the drones are going to attack them" Comments (

Can String Theory Be Tested?

Andrew Zimmerman Jones | Nature Of Reality | 24 September 2012

String theory is an elegant attempt at unifying quantum physics and general relativity. But so far it's been just that: A theory. With no way to prove it. But soon three fundamental parts of the theory may at last be put to the test Comments (

A Siberian Summer

Ilya Naymushin | Atlantic | 25 September 2012

Forty-four photos of summer in and around Krasnoyarsk, third biggest city in Siberia. Beautiful landscape, for the most part. Rafting festival looks fun too Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Jonathan Powell on Negotiation

The former chief of staff to Tony Blair tells us about his experience of negotiating in Northern Ireland, and explains why it's important never to lose your temper except on purpose Read on (



Cars, nuclear plants, computers, phones, webcams -- they all succumb to hackers in the end Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@rszbt Not a shred of decency in how governments operate: MT @zerohedge: What Happened To Virtue?" cc @polit2k #browsings ( More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

Good Natured  by Frans de Waal

Deborah Blum says ( : “Frans de Waal is one of my favourite scientists. If all scientists wrote as well as him, writers like me would be out of business!” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

There Are Two Kinds Of People


Those who divide the world in two, and those who don't More videos (

Quote of the Day

Ginia Gellafante, on online dating (

"Women are terrified of meeting serial killers online. Men are terrified of meeting women of above-average weight"

More quotes (

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