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Dear FiveBooks Readers,
Don’t forget to enter our [2]quiz! The prize is a mindblowing $30 Amazon
voucher. That’s right - $30...Well, it’s all about the taking part...

A fabulous week of interviews for you this week, including HSBC’s chief
economist talking free markets and a brilliant anecdote about Khrushchev’s
famous skills as a wit and raconteur (not a key attribute for a Stalinist

_[3]Francis Spufford on 20th Century Russia_
Monday, September 6th
Author  and  academic  Francis  Spufford says Krushchev had ‘an almost
Clintonesque gift of the gab - which really wasn’t a crucial skill among
high level Stalinists.’ He chooses five unmissable books on 20th Century

_[4]Mary Elise Sarotte on 1989_
Tuesday, September 7th
International affairs Professor Mary Elise Sarotte says 1989 was in some
ways happy ending - a peaceful resolution to a longstanding thermonuclear
stand-off. She chooses books about the year that changed the world and
exactly how it happened.

_[5]Stephen King on Globalisation_
Wednesday, September 8th
HSBC’s Chief Economist Stephen King says we don’t know whether countries
that are now rich might subsequently become poor. If China, India and Brazil
continue  to  trade with each other the West could become decreasingly
important, though it may take hundreds of years to really fall flat on its

_[6]Viktor Mayer-Schönberger on Memory and the Digital Age_
Thursday, September 9th
The Professor of internet studies and founder of Ikarus software chooses
books on how memory is constructed, from Borges to the airbrushing out of
the purged in Soviet portraiture. He says the ability to store and remember
everything makes the present and future increasingly nebulous.

_[7]Kathleen J Graber on How to Write Poetry_
Friday, September 10th
Poet Kathleen Graber says the best way to learn is by imitation - what stops
your poems being a perfect imitation of your favourite poet is your own
voice.  Write about things, she says, not ideas - the ideas are in the
things.  Bringing  in  experience  should be intimate but not creepily
confessional. She discusses the virtues of five great modern poets.

_[8]Karl Rove on Compassion in Capitalism_
Sunday, September 12th and still up today
Rove is the last in our series on American Conservatism and the results of
the best books on [9]Conservatism vote is now up on the [10]AC page. Don’t
worry, our series on American Liberalism is just on its way!

Have a wonderful week and don’t miss our Afghanistan/Pakistan interviews
this week, including Fatima Bhutto.

Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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