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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]The Limits Of Science
   Anthony Gottlieb | Intelligent Life | 12 September 2010
   Science prides itself on making progress by falsifying past theories. So
   why do scientists keep on insisting that they are right, when history
   may very well prove them wrong?
 * [3]From Consumers, To Shoppers
   Michael Powell | Savage Minds | 6 September 2010
   Anthropologist working in retail industry explains economy of "shopper
   marketing"—which is to say, marketing to people who are already inside
   the store, where "70% of brand selections are made"
 * [4]Big Pharma's "Thought Leaders"
   Carl Elliott | Chronicle Review | 12 September 2010
   Funny, insightful account of how drug companies recruit and manipulate
   high-profile academics to lead marketing campaigns, speak at
   conferences. It's partly about money, but more about vanity
 * [5]The View From Above
   James Scott | Cato Unbound | 8 September 2010
   Intricate, fascinating essay arguing that the modern state's desire to
   identify, categorise, administer, tax everything within its domain, led
   to the obligatory naming of roads, places, people
 * [6]Should The Dream Ever Sour
   George Packer | New Yorker | 10 September 2010
   Sad reflection on political fall-out from 9/11. America has surrendered
   to paranoia and demagoguery. Obama is losing his grip on the country,
   because he's too sane for these times
 * [7]Case Of The Pope
   Terry Eagleton | Guardian | 11 September 2010
   How Canon Law shields paedophile priests. "One reason for the huge
   amount of child abuse is that the perpetrators know they will almost
   certainly get away with it"
 * [8]Man Who Defined Singapore
   Seth Mydans | NYT | 10 September 2010
   Interview with Lee Kuan Yew, now 87. Reflective, vulnerable, still
   combative. "I’m not saying that everything I did was right, but
   everything I did was for an honorable purpose"
 * [9]Browning Of American Islam
   C.M. Naim | Outlook India | 10 September 2010
   Obvious point, well made. Why does US media treat Islam as a recent
   Middle Eastern import? Through African-Americans, Islam has been part of
   America for centuries
 * [10]Thilo Sarrazin's Truths
   Matthias Matussek | Spiegel | 10 September 2010
   On central banker sacked for anti-Muslim views. "You can't cast away
   what the man embodies: the anger of a German people tired of being
   cursed at when they offer to help foreigners to integrate"
 * Topic: (Against) Childbearing

Why do we bother? Does it make us happy? Should we stop? Why are boys
   valued more highly? Experts... [11]Continue reading...

[12]Today on FiveBooks: American Conservatism

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