Newsletter 97

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Thilo Sarrazin's Truths
   Matthias Matussek | Spiegel | 10 September 2010
   On central banker sacked for anti-Muslim views. "You can't cast away
   what the man embodies: the anger of a German people tired of being
   cursed at when they offer to help foreigners to integrate"
 * [3]Living To Be A Parent
   Lisa Belkin | NYT | 10 September 2010
   Psychologists propose to move childbearing to the apex of Maslow's
   pyramid of human needs. Evidence that the modern tendency to sanctify
   parenting has gone "just a bit too far"
 * [4]A Broader Media Problem
   Rick Perlstein | NYT | 10 September 2010
   Short, powerful comment on Florida Koran-burning stunt. "Elite media
   gatekeepers have abandoned their moral mandate to stigmatize uncivil
   discourse. Many outlets reward it"
 * [5]Arab Regimes Are Hard, Not Strong
   Brian Whitaker | Guardian | 9 September 2010
   Arab regimes have "an almost insatiable urge to control", but aren't
   very good at it. They work against society, not with it. Violence,
   autocracy, should be seen as symptoms of weakness
 * [6]Hands Up For Hirst
   Anonymous | Economist | 9 September 2010
   Fine case-study of the market in modern art. Damien Hirst bypassed
   dealers, sold new work directly at auction. Had a fantastic year in
   2008, but since then his sales have collapsed
 * [7]Stuff White People Like
   Christian Rudder | OK Trends | 8 September 2010
   Online dating agency extracts data from customer profiles to identify
   distinctive tastes by race and sex. Amongst the bad news: Tom Clancy and
   Van Halen secure atop white male pantheon
 * Topic: (Against) Childbearing
   Why do we bother? Does it make us happy? Should we stop? Why are boys
   valued more highly? Experts... [8]Continue reading...

[9]Today on FiveBooks: How To Write Poetry

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