FiveBooks Newsletter 26

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Dear Readers,

FiveBooks is delighted to announce we have just merged with our sister site
TheBrowser. On one site, [1], you now can find not only the
glittering array of FiveBooks interviews and book reviews that you already
love, but also expert recommendations of all the best opinion and analysis

Besides the redesigned [2]FiveBooks page, there are three exciting new
sections we invite you to explore: our editors' selection of which articles
are [3]Best of the Moment; collections of interviews, books and articles at
our [4]Topics pages; and reader recommendations, which we call [5]Browsings.

Don't forget to follow TheBrowser on [6]Twitter and [7]Facebook for regular
updates of all this great new content, as the FiveBooks twitter and facebook
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Moving on, some big interviews for you this week - a reassessment of Mao, a
definition  of  anti-Semitism,  gardening as a political manifesto and
economics for toddlers.

_[9]John Lewis Gaddis on the History of International Relations_
Monday, December 13th
Yale Professor John Lewis Gaddis points to research showing that, contrary
to widespread belief, Mao was regularly briefed on the famine he had caused,
making him, if you go by body count, the biggest mass murderer of the 20th

_[10]Andrea Wulf on Horticulture_
Tuesday, December 14th
An award-winning horticultural journalist and broadcaster, Andrea Wulf
chooses books on the meaning of horticulture and says nature, landscape and
plants are just a vehicle to talking about politics, science, culture,

_[11]Abraham H Foxman on Anti-Semitism_
Wednesday, December 15th
The  National  Director  of  the  Anti-Defamation League chooses books
describing, explaining and condemning anti-Semitism and he says if you are
anti-Zionist  without  being otherwise anti-nationalist then you’re an

_[12]Matt Ridley on Technology, Optimism and How It's All Going To Be Fine_
Thursday, December 16th
The science writer says we are obsessively pessimistic for no good reason.
Our innate ability to innovate with technology is what will save us from

_[13]Shami Chakrabarti on Human Rights_
Friday, December 17th
Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti says _Harry Potter and the Order of
the Phoenix_ is a thinly veiled metaphor for the War on Terror.

_[14]Yana van der Meulen Rodgers on Economics Books for Children_
Saturday, December 18th
Associate professor at Rutgers University Yana Rodgers believes children
should be introduced to economics at an early age - she chooses the best
five  introductory  texts, including that timeless classic, _Violet the

Finally, congratulations to _Chana Kraus-Friedberg_, winner of the FiveBooks
Christmas quiz and that highly prized $30 Amazon voucher.

Have a wonderful week and keep warm! Happy Christmas from all of us.


Anna Blundy

Editor, FiveBooks

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