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Writing Worth Reading

[2]He ard The One About The World's Oldest Joke?

Paul McDonald | Independent | 19 December 2010

It's a cracker! A history of jokes from ancient times. Fart jokes date back
  at least to Sumeria in 1900BC. Lettuce a reliable cause of hilarity in
  ancient Greece, by virtue of its supposed aphrodisiac properties.

[3]We Let A Wolf In

Neely Tucker | WP | 19 December 2010

Small church in Virginia needed new minister. Found seemingly perfect
  candidate: 66, ordained, ex-Navy, soft-spoken. Turned out later he was also
  a murderer, thief, adulterer. And a hard man to get along with

[4]F[5]ix Your Password In Five Minutes

Farhad Manjoo | Slate | 17 December 2010

Take an easily memorable phrase. Turn the first letters into an acronym.
  Throw in a couple of twists: a capital letter, a symbol. "My first Cadillac
  was a real lemon so I bought a Toyota" becomes "M1stCwarlsIbaT". You're done

[6]What's Driving Groupon?

John Battelle | Searchblog | 17 December 2010

Groupon was right to turn down $6bn bid from Google. It has a fantastic
  franchise: connects small businesses with customers. Better than Yellow
  Pages. Growing at 50% a month. Could easily overtake Google

[7]Writing A Strong Lead

John McPhee | WSH | 18 December 2010

Veteran journalist explains how to begin a piece of writing. You have to be
  honest and direct. "A lead is a promise. It promises that the piece is going
  to be like this. If it is not going to be so, don't use the lead"

[8]Asian Megacities, Free And Unfree

Guy Sorman | City Journal | 18 December 2010

Political systems determine the shape and vitality of Asia's big cities.
  Manila is a sprawling slum. Beijing is dead after 8pm, save for a few
  streets of nightclubs. Seoul seethes with youth, fashion, freedom

[9]Best Feature Films Of 2010

Roger Ebert | Chicago Sun-Times | 17 December 2010

With all due respect to the general principle that year-end lists are lame,
  this is Roger Ebert on film, and he knows of what he speaks. "I Am Love" and
  "Inception" place well. "Ghost Writer" creeps in. "Social Network" comes top

[10]A Tiger Every Two Weeks

Manmohan Gupta et al | Tehelka | 18 December 2010

Reporters infiltrate poaching gang operating on borders of China, India,
  Nepal. Killing tiger, leopard, otter, fox. Skins and bones sell to mainly
  Chinese buyers. "A tiger is killed every two weeks. A leopard is killed
  every day"

[11]Liu Xiaobo’s Empty Chair

Perry Link | NYR Blog | 13 December 2010

Reflections on presentation of Nobel peace prize to imprisoned Chinese
  dissident. Raises East-West tension. "Well-intentioned Westerners have a
  long way to go before they really understand China’s politics"

[12]Truth About Israel's Egyptian Agent

Yossi Melman | Haaretz | 17 December 2010

Fine cloak and dagger story about longtime Mossad asset in Egypt, special
  adviser to Assad, married to daughter of Nasser. Leaked Egyptian secrets for
  decades. Some thought him a double agent. Found murdered in London in 2007

[13]Brushwood And Gall

Edward Carr | Economist | 2 December 2010

Essay on China's place in the world. Introduction to a survey, all of it
  worth reading. A rival for the West. "China has been patient, but the day
  when it can once again start to impose its will is drawing near"

Topic: Cooking

If cooking is your thing, or you want it to be, this is for you. From
  interviews with top chefs to articles that range from the perfect appliance,
  to food for athletes, to what's in... [14]Continue reading...

[15]Today on FiveBooks: Economics Books for Young Children

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