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Dear FiveBooks Readers,

It’s been [2]Journeys week on FiveBooks: an amazing interview with a Vietnam
vet this week, as well as French Egyptomania and the gift of a giraffe and
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera on why Latin America should, and will, rule the

_[3]Catherine Barton on South East Asia_
Monday, August 16th
The Agence France Press Dhaka bureau chief recommends that people visit the
prisons in Cambodia as a means of understanding the Khmer Rouge regime, a
period only just introduced into the local school curriculum.

_[4]Karl Marlantes on Vietnam_
Monday, August 16th
The author of _Matterhorn_ and decorated Vietnam veteran says that even in a
morally ambiguous war the politics soon evaporate. The soldier on the ground
thinks: ‘How do we get out of this alive and help our friends get out of
this alive and not let them down?’ His five books tell what it was like on
both sides.

_[5]Jason Webster on The Wonder of Spain_
Tuesday, August 17th
Writer Jason Webster says the appeal of living is Spain is that surrealism
is at the heart of everything, though the actual surrealists were very
hierarchical – always bickering and kicking people out of their group.
Webster rejoices in Spain with his five book choices.

_[6]Brian Shoesmith on Indian Film_
Wednesday, August 18th
Bangladesh-based academic Brian Shoesmith introduces us to the wonders of
early Bollywood star and daredevil stuntwoman Nadia. ‘She spoke Hindi very
badly and she was born in Perth as Mary Evans.’ He chooses books on the
glory of Indian cinema.

_[7]Roy Moxham on Indian Journeys_
Wednesday, August 18th
The author shows us the roofs of old Delhi where every family tended their
own flock of pigeons, a journey from Belgrade to Pakistan in a Fiat 500 and
a village where conflicts were solved by getting stoned on bhang lassi, a
potent yoghurt drink and a tragic bandit queen. He chooses the best five
Indian journeys.

_[8]Oscar Guardiola-Rivera on The Rise of Latin America_
Thursday, August 19th
Colombian academic and author of _What if Latin America Ruled the World?_,
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera says the United States is slowly but surely becoming
the next Latin American country. He chooses five books that make his case.

_[9]Diane Greco Josefowicz on French Egyptomania_
Friday, August 20th
Author Diane Greco Josefowicz reveals the secrets of the Dendera Zodiac, an
ancient bas-relief Egyptian temple ceiling now in Paris, depicting the night
sky  from  a time predating the Biblical Creation and casting doubt on
religious truth. She chooses five books on French attitudes to Egypt.

_[10]Louise Bagshawe on Chase Stories_
Saturday, August 21st
Multi-bestselling novelist and Conservative MP Louise Bagshawe chooses five
great chase stories including Grisham, Follett, Archer and her own book,
_Passion_.  Find out what is behind that icon in the Swiss bank’s secret

_[11]Peter Berkowitz on Liberty and Morality_
Sunday, August 22nd
For  all  its  flaws  and occasional hubris, says author and political
philosopher  Peter  Berkowitz,  America remains the essential country,
resilient against challenges from outside. But can the country’s commitment
to liberty survive creeping relativism from within?

For  those of you who are following the Israel/Palestine debate in the
comments  under  the [12]Robin Yassin-Kassab interview, don’t miss our
interviews coming up this week with [13]Amnon Rubinstein, father of the
Israeli constitution, and award-winning broadcaster [14]Michael Goldfarb.

Have a great week.
Anna Blundy
Editor, FiveBooks

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