Acting Untouchable

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My Lumbago Isn’t Acting Up

Molly Young | Paris Review | 12th July 2023

DisneyWorld first timer reviews her experience, having read a lot of academic papers before arrival. She has four observations. There are no mirrors over sinks to discourage vain lingering. The park is "utterly sexless", despite the large number of drunk adults in costumes. Everyone is nice to each other. And the attractions are impossibly, brilliantly engineered to be as hokey and silly as they are (1,874 words)

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From The Browser Six Years Ago

Growing Up As An Untouchable

Sujatha Gidla | Literary Hub | 18th July 2017

Memoir. Interesting throughout. "In your own town or village, everyone already knows your caste; there is no escaping it. But how do people know your caste when you go elsewhere, to a place where no one knows you? There they will ask you, “What caste are you?” You cannot avoid this question. And you cannot refuse to answer. By tradition, everyone has the right to know" (4,040 words)

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