Dealers' South

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The Drug Dealers' Hometown

Megan Cassidy & Gabrielle Lurie | SF Chronicle | 10th July 2023

A visit to the Siria Valley in Honduras, home to families who control much of drug trade in far-away San Francisco, and who seem only too happy to explain their business. "Leydis Cruz, convicted of helping lead a family-run fentanyl operation in the Bay Area, said the people from her village love San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge, she noted, has emerged as a popular neck tattoo" (6,800 words)

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China And The Global South

Jacob Dreyer | Noema | 13th July 2023

How China is replacing America as the role-model of the developing world. "For better or worse, it’s San Francisco or Shenzhen. For many countries in the Global South, the model exemplified by Shenzhen seems more plausible and attainable. Nobody thinks they can replicate Silicon Valley, but many seem to think they can replicate Chinese infrastructure-driven middle-class consumerism" (2,900 words)

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