Afterlife Breaks

On Sundays, Browser readers receive a special edition with puzzles, poems, books, charts, music and more - plus selections from our decade-plus archive of the finest writing on the internet. Here's a taste of this week's edition.

Performance Of The Week

When The Levee Breaks

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss perform When The Levee Breaks at the 2022 Glastonbury Festival. Elsewhere on YouTube you can find Robert Plant performing the song with Jimmy Page. The song was originally written and recorded by Memphis Minnie and  Kansas Joe McCoy in 1929.

Death And The Afterlife
Samuel Scheffler | Oxford University Press | 2013

Recommended by John Cottingham at Notre Dame Philosophical Review:
"Scheffler has produced a superb essay, entirely free from obfuscating jargon yet meticulously argued and demanding in exactly the right way, forcing us to think about hitherto unexamined implications of our existing beliefs. It is rich in psychological and ethical insight, and restores philosophy to its proper role of tackling the big structural concerns inseparable from the human condition"

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