Droid Heir

The Transgender Heir

Browne Lewis | Jotwell | 15th July 2022

If a parent has left money in their will to a child who is specified as a son, and if the child has transitioned to a daughter by the time of the parent's death, does the daughter get the money? A court would have to decide. Worst-case scenario: "If the gender mentioned in the will no longer exists, arguably, the heir could be treated as having predeceased the testator, and the gift would lapse" (1,340 words)

Written on the D rod Droid X

Tom Scocca | Slate | 20th July 2010

Once upon a time all smartphones were like this. Review of a 2010 Motorola Droid X mobile phone, dictated using the speech-to-text software built into the phone's Android 2.1 operating system. "I tried to write the title of this Using the voice recognition on the Deoid X but it didn,’t go very well. I tries the voice recognition. Wcause because the virtual keyboard ia pretty a.nohing annoying too" (808 words)

– from The Browser twelve years ago

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