Atom Proof

Atoms And Emptiness

Mario Barbatti | Aeon | 24th August 2023

The textbook model of an atom consists mostly of empty space within which tiny electrons orbit a central nucleus. But even conceptually, this model is wildly wrong. There is no empty space within an atom, nor any clearly defined particles. Nuclei and electrons are like "majestic, stable, structured, closed-packed clouds". An atom is better visualised as a localised patch of swirling fog (3,300 words)

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Zach Mortice | Places Journal | 12th September 2023

Cultural history of the windowless tower-block at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan, built for AT&T in 1974 as a “skyscraper inhabited by machines”, and now a hub of the NSA. It may well be the "densest inhabitable object in New York City”. Long a lodestar for conspiracy theorists, the tower is blast-proof, riot-proof, fallout-proof, and stocked with enough food and fuel to see off an apocalypse (7,600 words)

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