Break Bank

How To Break A Theory

Sarah Charley | Symmetry | 8th March 2022

A reminder that science progresses less by establishing what is true and more by disproving what is false. Established theories that have worked well over time can usually withstand a first few contrary findings, but if the contradictions replicate, then the weight of science stops trying to tweak the old theory to fit the new facts, and starts trying to find a new theory that does a better job (1,200 words)

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A Short Conversation With A Bank

Dan Hon | Things That Have Caught My Attention | 5th March 2022

Call-centre Kafka. Presented as fiction, but plausible in all essential points, at least until additional participants enter the conversation at the halfway mark. Confirms my view that if one truly wanted to bring Russia's financial system to a grinding halt, then the most effective course would be to disconnect it from SWIFT and reconnect it to the helpline of any UK or US high-street bank (2,500 words)

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