Cannot Plan

I Cannot

Lucy Schiller | Paris Review | 5th June 2024

A certain formality is creeping into the way people write on the internet, traditionally considered to be a sloppy, casual place of bad grammar and spelling. Phrases like “I am deceased” and “I simply cannot” pepper the sentences of personal essays and social media posts. Why? It hints at "an increasingly digital sandedness to life’s corners", and an attempt to reclaim authenticity (1,800 words)

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A New Baseball Fan's Five-Point Plan

Joe Posnanski | JoeBlogs | 7th June 2024

Advice for baseball newcomers who might feel overwhelmed upon approaching the sport for the first time. Don't try to understand it all at your first game. Just enjoy the sights and sounds. Pay the most attention to the hitter and the pitcher. Notice the little customs but don't get bogged down by the rules. "There’s something beautifully Zen about it all. Think of it as a summer picnic" (1,600 words)

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