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The Best Books On The End of the World

The fall of empires and sudden societal collapse are often the subject matter of darkly fascinating reads, in both fiction and nonfiction. Here Paul Cooper—the author of Fall of Civilizations, a new history book based on the hit podcast—recommends five books that offer perspectives on what it might feel like to live through the 'end of the world.'

The Best Science Fiction: The 2024 Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist

Every year, the judges for the Arthur C. Clarke Award highlight the best of the latest batch of science fiction books. In 2024, the six-strong shortlist includes an exploration of octopus intelligence, a queer space opera, and a dystopian novel hailed as the new Hunger GamesAndrew M. Butler, academic and chair of the judges, talks us through the finalists for the title of sci fi novel of the year.

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