Counting Coral

Counting The Dead In Ukraine

Sanjana Varghese | New Lines | 4th May 2022

There are three methodologies for monitoring civilian casualties during a conflict. The first is based on available institutional documentation, the second uses surveys and interviews to create a kind of census, and the third relies on modelling from larger trends. None of these systems are working well in Ukraine at the moment; it will be a long time before the true death toll is known (1,787 words)

Resurrecting A Coral Reef

Benji Jones | Recode | 22nd April 2022

Coral is "an ecosystem under siege", but there is now a way to reverse the damage. An accident in a lab revealed that pieces of broken coral grow much faster than the original entity, meaning that new specimens can now be produced at a rapid rate. Spawning tanks, which use LEDs to mimic the moonlight the corals need to breed, move the process on further. Gradually, entire reefs are regrown (3,523 words)

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